Saturday, May 11, 2013

I AM...Mother

I am
soft whispered words
of comfort
during sickness

I am
loving arms
holding close
the babes of my womb

I am
warm hands
of love
soothing children's hurts

I am
tender tears
of joy
and pride in each new milestone

I am
smiles and laughter
from each and every moment
with my children

I am
sorrow and worry
from the harsh life lessons
each of them have learned

I am
hopes and dreams
and belief
in all their dreams coming true

I am
proud and appreciate
the strength, beauty and intelligence
of each of my children

I am
that they were my gift
and I am their mother

I am
for the life and the lessons
that I received from MY mother

I am
everything I am
because you are everything you are
and my mother

Thank you, Mom for being the mother you are
and for teaching me to be the mother I am
and Happy Mother's Day with all my love. xo

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