Thursday, November 7, 2013

I AM...Writing Declaration

Can anybody direct me to the open doorway leading to Acaresa? Oh that's right it's a world inside my head (with a very special tree which I wish to paint on the wall at some point)...nevertheless...some fascinating creatures live inside a world inside the world there and I would really like to explore the world they live in! So really...if you lose touch with me over the next weeks, months, years...that's very likely where I will be...maybe finding the answers to their world will help me in my own. It is long overdue time. No more whispered hopes and dreams and definitely NO more doubts and fears. I SOLIDIFY my desire to create. I COMMIT all that I am to the journey. I REFUSE to HIDE myself from myself anymore. I DON'T write for anyone but ME so if you think it sucks that may well be true to YOU but it IS and always has been MY belief that the expression of your heart, mind and soul is NOT a waste and NEVER wrong and doesn't SUCK whether others understand it or not. You gave them a raw, unblemished, untarnished, whole and perfect portion of your SOUL. I am not afraid of that anymore and so I AM capable. I AM ready. I AM EVERYTHING i need to be. I DO dream and I'm ready to make it REALITY. I. AM. MORE. THAN. ENOUGH! I AM! I declare it!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Girly Girl

I am the one who...
appreciates beautiful things, clothes, shoes
and believes I deserve to have them

The Angel Within

I am the one who...
shines a light into the darkness
with LOVE

Shy Seductress

I am the one who...
hides inside myself
afraid of the woman I am
I am WOMAN and

Eating for Comfort

I am the one who...
eats to comfort myself
to soothe the deep emotional scars I carry around with me

Hakuna Matata

I am the one who...
embraces what IS in the now
and goes with the flow of life

Fighting the Fight

I am the one who...
struggles and fights
for and against myself
for a better tomorrow

Take Time to BE

I am the one who...
takes time to BE
rest, relax, appreciate and enjoy life

The Best Friend

I am the one who...
offers comfort and companionship

Take a Deep Breath

I am the one who...
takes a deep breath
a moment
of time just to breathe


AJ, my son
the one who
I dreamed of
and miss every day xo


Aaron, my brother
the one who
I remember
I waited for you but you never came home


Will, my Godson
the one who
is always cute as a button and fun to chill with


Josh, my Godson
the one who
always has a smile and a hug and a good laugh


the one who
helped me see my own strengths


the one who 
taught me to appreciate
different sides


Dan, my brother-in-law
the one who
became my brother and friend
and made me laugh the hardest


My sis
the one who
is always in the same relationship with me
no matter what else changes in life


my mom
the one who
gave me life and taught me to enjoy it

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I AM...Mother

I am
soft whispered words
of comfort
during sickness

I am
loving arms
holding close
the babes of my womb

I am
warm hands
of love
soothing children's hurts

I am
tender tears
of joy
and pride in each new milestone

I am
smiles and laughter
from each and every moment
with my children

I am
sorrow and worry
from the harsh life lessons
each of them have learned

I am
hopes and dreams
and belief
in all their dreams coming true

I am
proud and appreciate
the strength, beauty and intelligence
of each of my children

I am
that they were my gift
and I am their mother

I am
for the life and the lessons
that I received from MY mother

I am
everything I am
because you are everything you are
and my mother

Thank you, Mom for being the mother you are
and for teaching me to be the mother I am
and Happy Mother's Day with all my love. xo

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I AM...Orange

I am
the soft light
inside the raging flames
of phoenix fire

I am
the sweet aroma
and flavour
of pumpkin pie spice

I am
the soft whisper
of autumn leaves
drifting to the ground

I am
the vibrant
and brilliant colour
of transformation

I am
the deep burst
of sweet juices
dripping from a bitten peach

I am
the unforgettable
vision of glorious
blooming flower petals

I am
a range of colours
somewhere between
yellow and red

I am
just one aspect
of a life and
equally as beautiful as another.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I AM...Curvylicious

I am...
That's right!
I said it!

I am
rounder than many
and struggled with self
until I came to KNOW

I am
what I am
it doesn't matter
what YOU see

I am
vibrant, alive, breathing
and I recognize
what matters is how I see ME

I am
all that I need to be
and more
heart, mind, soul and spirit

I am
queen, goddess, woman
Aphrodite and Venus
I embrace her spirit in me

I am
more than the standard
of beauty
more than the average

I am
strong, fierce, independent
and free

I am
not afraid
or ashamed to BE

I am

I AM...Mojirayo

I am
suffering today
from all the usual

I am
making a choice
to be happy today

I am
"I awoke to see joy"
is my mantra

I am
lifting my own heart
up out of its sorrow
by choice

I am
not only to find joy
where I can

I am
to BE it
as much and as often as I can


Saturday, February 9, 2013


I AM...
a blessing
to my parents
and grand parents
and other family

I AM...
a blessing
to my children
and hopefully their children
after them

I AM...
a blessing
to the friends
who share life with me
and themselves

I AM...
a blessing
to the people
I touch every day even when
I do not know them

I AM..
a blessing
and a gift to those who know me
because I was created
to be

...and so are YOU.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am a voice
In the darkness
For many
I do not know them
I may never know
They have heard
I must SPEAK
With my voice
In the darkness
...and by BEING
In the darkness
I allow THEM
...and INSPIRE them
with their OWN.
I am a voice
In the darkness
Only ONE of many.