Thursday, November 7, 2013

I AM...Writing Declaration

Can anybody direct me to the open doorway leading to Acaresa? Oh that's right it's a world inside my head (with a very special tree which I wish to paint on the wall at some point)...nevertheless...some fascinating creatures live inside a world inside the world there and I would really like to explore the world they live in! So really...if you lose touch with me over the next weeks, months, years...that's very likely where I will be...maybe finding the answers to their world will help me in my own. It is long overdue time. No more whispered hopes and dreams and definitely NO more doubts and fears. I SOLIDIFY my desire to create. I COMMIT all that I am to the journey. I REFUSE to HIDE myself from myself anymore. I DON'T write for anyone but ME so if you think it sucks that may well be true to YOU but it IS and always has been MY belief that the expression of your heart, mind and soul is NOT a waste and NEVER wrong and doesn't SUCK whether others understand it or not. You gave them a raw, unblemished, untarnished, whole and perfect portion of your SOUL. I am not afraid of that anymore and so I AM capable. I AM ready. I AM EVERYTHING i need to be. I DO dream and I'm ready to make it REALITY. I. AM. MORE. THAN. ENOUGH! I AM! I declare it!

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