Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who are YOU?

A question posed by a friend to which I replied (silly) a cinnamon candy heart :p lol
but some of the answers to this are as follows:

to answer the question
who am I
would take a lifetime
of reflection and study
but these are the things I know
I am someone's daughter
I am someone's mother
I am someone's sister
I am someone's soulmate
I am someone's friend
I am someone's family
I am someone's safe haven
I am beautiful, vibrant and vivacious
I am soft, sweet and sensitive
I am a brick wall when I need to be
I am STUBBORN and sometimes that is a GOOD thing
I am home
I am light and life and joy
when I remember myself
I am dark, sorrowful and lonely
when I don't
I AM a red cinnamon candy heart
(bright, fun, delightful and with a kick)
I am everything I need to be and more
I am enough
I am intelligent and capable
and also weak and co-dependent
because I CHOOSE to be
I am independent and strong-willed
and also insecure and shy at the same time
I am warm hugs
I am love and loyalty
I am real and raw
I AM...whatever I SAY I am
and saying it becomes my TRUTH

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